“Time is money” – the familiar phrase is still gaining momentum. Be it single households or families where both parents work full time: many people do not want to spend their valuable free time cleaning, peeling, cutting or slicing fruits and vegetables.

Instead, they go for the ready-to-use offering, such as bags with pre-cut salads, snack carrots to enjoy at school or in the office, fruit salads with melon and watermelon, and pre-prepared vegetable sandwiches for out-of-home meals.

Products destined for this fresh-cut market segment need to meet particular requirements, such as good cutting characteristics, moisture retention, an attractive appearance after processing, and uniformity in size and shape. The prize-winning Intense tomato is one recent example: the world’s first non-leaking tomato is ideal for slicing or dicing without losing its shape.

In addition, the trend towards more convenient fruits and vegetables has inspired us to breed for smaller-sized melons and watermelons. These new products easily fit into the fridge and meet the requirements of single households and smaller families for reduced quantity.

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