Thursday, February 09, 2017

Bayer at Fruit Logistica 2017 in Berlin:

Fostering innovative concepts and partnering along the food chain to fulfill consumer needs

Monheim/Berlin, February 9, 2017
Presentation of successful partnerships from around the world / Exhibitor Forum to highlight fruit and vegetable challenges in Europe / Introduction of hydroponic lettuce, colored carrots and new snack vegetable label.
Bayer introduces a number of vegetable seed innovations for the fresh produce chain at Fruit Logistica. These include hydroponic lettuce, melons, colored carrots and snack cucumbers.
Bayer showcases its Food Chain Partnership activities at Fruit Logistica in Berlin that is taking place from February 8 to 10. The company presents a number of successful partnership examples from various regions that link partners along the value chain enabling safety, quality, affordability, transparency and above all sustainability, from seed to shelf. In addition new vegetable seed varieties for the fresh produce chain are introduced, including hydroponic lettuce, colored carrots and a new snack vegetable label.

Vegetable launches - innovative convenience products
The Vegetable Seeds team of Bayer uses Fruit Logistica to launch some of its innovations for the fresh produce chain. A huge production trend, for instance, is hydroponic lettuce. These plants grow in a nutrient-rich water solution in a greenhouse. At first glance, producing hydroponic lettuce is more expensive than growing it in soil. However, there are also many benefits. Producing in a greenhouse means that growers are not dependent on the weather, they get results sooner and can harvest more often. For consumers and processors, hydroponic lettuce is easier to handle because they do not have to wash the crop intensively. And consumers can buy a sustainably produced product that requires fewer crop protection products during the growing stage.

Bayer is also presenting a new colored snack carrot design that contains four different colors and is based on different Nunhems™ Imperator varieties. Each one has its own taste and different healthy components, while the growers benefit from their disease resistance. Compared to traditional carrots, they are crispier, sweeter and have a more attractive color. In addition, the company showcases its recently launched Minigustos™ label, the world’s first brand for tasty, crunchy, and attractive snack vegetables. The first vegetables to be released under the Minigustos label will be snack cucumbers.

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